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2017-12-05 ~ Chico, CA. After A Decade of Delay, Judge Clears Way For Wal-Mart Expansion

2017-02-11 ~ Atascadero, CA. After Aa 10 Year Fight, Wal-Mart Crashes and Burns

2016-09-21 ~ Ceres, CA. Local Newspaper Says Citizens Against Wal-Mart is Just A Front.

2016-09-15 ~ Ceres, CA. Court Rules Against Citizens In Nine Year Wal-Mart Battle

2016-07-17 ~ Sex Discrimination At Wal-Mart: The “Bitches” Lawsuit That Just Won’t Die

2015-04-20 ~ Pico, CA. Bad Plumbing Or Fear Of Unions Shut Down Stores?

2015-02-28 ~ Wildomar, CA. Wal-Mart Says Lawsuits Against Them Are "A Cottage Industry"

2015-02-28 ~ Ceres, CA. Court Says Wal-Mart Can't Charge $49,000 For Public Documents

2015-02-16 ~ Auburn, CA. Wal-Mart Still Trying To Break Into Community After 15 Years.

2014-12-26 ~ Atascadero, CA. Wal-Mart In No Rush To Commit To Approved Store

2014-11-28 ~ U.S.A. Wal-Mart Workers See Red On Black Friday

2014-11-09 ~ Ceres, CA. Court Rules "Uninspiring . . . Average" Wal-Mart Superstore Can Proceed.

2014-10-05 ~ San Diego, CA. Residents Resist "Tiny Target" In Their Neighborhood

2014-10-04 ~ Atascadero, CA. City Must Dig Deep To Pay For Roadwork To Wal-Mart

2014-07-26 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Op-Ed on Wal-Mart's Race To The Bottom

2014-07-24 ~ Santee, CA. Wal-Mart's Vigilante Justice Against Suspected Shoplifters

2013-08-10 ~ Arvada, CO. Wal-Mart Opponents Put $5.8 Million "Bailout for Billionaires" On City Ballot

2013-07-12 ~ Ceres, CA. Appeals Court Orders Wal-Mart To Produce Hundreds of Documents

2013-06-15 ~ Bentonville,AR. What I Learned On The Bus To Bentonville

2013-06-05 ~ Kerman, CA. Mayor Will Watch Wal-Mart Destroy His Own Business

2013-05-04 ~ Ridgecrest, CA. Wal-Mart Superstore Mired in Public Welfare Snags

2013-02-11 ~ El Segundo, CA. Dentist Sues Wal-Mart For Stealing His In-Store Clinic Idea

2013-02-02 ~ Southfield, MI. Wal-Mart Loses Vote To Tear Down Church

2012-11-11 ~ Red Bluff, CA. Wal-Mart Still Engaged In 10 Year Battle

2012-10-06 ~ Pico Rivera, CA. Wal-Mart Calls Workers' Strike a 'Rally'

2012-10-02 ~ Elwood, IL. Warehouse Workers Continue Labor Practices Protests Against Wal-Mart

2012-09-30 ~ Ontario, CA. Wal-Mart Temp Workers At Warehouses Win Safer Job Conditions

2012-09-22 ~ Ceres, CA. Legal Battle Over Wal-Mart Now In 5th Year

2012-09-01 ~ West Covina, CA. Activists Vow To Boycott Proposed Wal-Mart

2012-08-17 ~ Atascadero, CA. Six Year Battle Against Wal-Mart Heads To Court

2012-06-24 ~ Altadena, CA. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Upsets Neighborhood

2012-06-10 ~ Covington, CA. Shoplifting Is A Capital Offense At Wal-Mart

2012-05-29 ~ Boston, MA. Pension Funds Gang Up On Wal-Mart Board

2012-05-12 ~ Tehachapi, CA. Judge Rules Against Wal-Mart Superstore

2012-05-07 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart At 50: A Crisis or Governance

2012-03-31 ~ Vancouver, WA. Invasion of the Neighborhood Markets

2012-03-24 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Wal-Mart Thumbs Nose At Moratorium On Large Retailers

2012-03-17 ~ Lancaster, CA. Appeals Court Hands Defeat To Wal-Mart

2012-02-29 ~ Cuyhoga County, OH. An End To Wal-Mart Poaching?

2011-12-13 ~ Boston, MA. Investment Firm Calls Wal-Mart A “Long-Term Negative” For Communities

2011-12-10 ~ Eureka, CA. Wal-Mart Returns Quietly to Scene of Defeat

2011-11-13 ~ San Diego, CA. The Incredible, Vanishing Wal-Mart

2011-10-13 ~ Ceres, CA. Citizens File Lawsuit To Halt Wal-Mart Superstore

2011-07-14 ~ Ceres, CA. Wal-Mart Battle Drags Into Fifth Year

2011-06-29 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart's Battle With Amazon Over Affiliate Marketers

2011-06-23 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Judge Hands Wal-Mart Opponents A Significant Project Delay

2011-06-18 ~ Tehachapi, CA. Citizen Group Files Court Appeal Against Wal-Mart

2011-06-16 ~ Sacramento, CA. An End to Wal-Mart's EZ Money in California?

2011-06-16 ~ Menifee, CA. Wal-Mart Spends Big, Wins Big in Ballot Rezoning Vote

2011-05-30 ~ Menifee, CA. Wal-Mart Spends More Than $260,000 for June 7th Vote

2011-05-19 ~ Visalia, CA. Wal-Mart Brings Soda and Fans To Expansion Hearing

2011-05-01 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Wal-Mart Fails The Living Wage Test

2011-05-01 ~ Fresno, CA. Wal-Mart Asks For A Larger Store In A Saturated City

2011-04-19 ~ Elk Grove, CA. Court Voids Wal-Mart Approval

2011-04-17 ~ Kerman, CA. Wal-Mart Costs City $45,000 For Special Election For Superstore

2011-03-17 ~ Milpitas, CA. Wal-Mart Writes Its Own Zoning Laws

2011-03-12 ~ Visalia, CA. Wal-Mart Wants Empty Costco Building

2011-02-23 ~ Washington, D.C. Janie Q's Class Warfare At Wal-Mart

2011-02-16 ~ Tehachapi, CA. Wal-Mart Vote Leads To An Appeal To City Council

2011-02-10 ~ Barstow, CA. Wal-Mart Distribution Center Delayed Due To Lack Of Stores

2011-02-03 ~ San Diego, CA. Wal-Mart Buys San Diego

2011-01-25 ~ Lompoc, CA. City Councilor Says Wal-Mart Will Be Detrimental

2011-01-15 ~ New York, NY. Hunter College Report Says Wal-Mart Is An Economic Trojan Horse

2011-01-11 ~ Livingston, CA. Despite Wal-Mart Pull-Out, City Still Searching For Big Boxes

2011-01-09 ~ Apple Valley, CA. Wal-Mart Superstore To Shut Down Wal-Mart Discount Store One Mile Away

2011-01-02 ~ San Bruno, CA. Lowe’s Lied To Avoid Injured Worker’s Claim

2011-01-02 ~ Oakland, CA. Wal-Mart/Netflix Conspiracy: Bad Movie

2010-12-29 ~ Atwater, CA. Media Misunderstands The “Wal-Mart Effect”

2010-12-18 ~ San Diego, CA. Wal-Mart Forcing Taxpayers To Spend Millions To Repeal Big Box Law

2010-12-07 ~ San Francisco, CA. Justice Delayed: U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear The "Mother Of All Wal-Mart Lawsuits.”

2010-12-01 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Wal-Mart Accused of Trying to Bribe Local Residents

2010-11-29 ~ San Diego, CA. Mayor Vetoes Big Box Ordinance—Again

2010-11-10 ~ Oakland, CA. Wal-Mart Workers Wait Four Years For $86 Million Wage Settlement

2010-11-03 ~ Willows, CA. After Five Years, A Smaller Wal-Mart Expansion

2010-11-01 ~ Antioch, CA. After A Four Year Battle, Wal-Mart Expansion Lands in Court

2010-10-26 ~ Tehachapi, CA. Wal-Mart Flier Confuses City Voters

2010-10-01 ~ Patterson, CA. Wal-Mart Uses Web to Organize For Key Vote October 5th.

2010-09-19 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Lawsuits Filed To Block Wal-Mart

2010-09-01 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Lobbying Effort to Gut California Environmental Law

2010-08-31 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Wal-Mart Back With “Condensed” 92,000 s.f. Store

2010-07-31 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Wal-Mart Opponents Called “Un-American”

2010-07-11 ~ Porterville, CA. Wal-Mart Shrinks Store To Be More Efficient

2010-07-05 ~ Tehachapi, CA. Wal-Mart Called 'Kiss of Death' For Small Businesses

2010-06-24 ~ Livingston, CA. Wal-Mart Pulls Out of Blueberry Crossing

2010-05-25 ~ Ogden, UT Eminent Domain Didn’t Work, But Wal-Mart Is Back Again

2010-05-21 ~ Galt, CA. Citizens File Lawsuit to Stop Wal-Mart Superstore

2010-05-12 ~ San Francisco, CA. Wal-Mart Shells Out Another $86M In Wage Settlement

2010-05-08 ~ Yucca Valley, CA. Wal-Mart Reaches “Greenwashing” Settlement with Environmental Groups

2010-05-03 ~ San Diego, CA. Hazardous Dumping Charge Leads To Huge “Fine” Against Wal-Mart

2010-05-01 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart’s Worrisome Numbers

2010-04-28 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Bid To Expand Into Superstore

2010-04-22 ~ Galt, CA. Wal-Mart Squeaks By With One Vote

2010-04-21 ~ Dallas, TX. Morgan Stanley Downplays Wal-Mart’s Bite

2010-04-05 ~ Redlands, CA. Voters Face Cap on Big Box Stores In June

2010-04-01 ~ Albion, NY The Kind of Analysis Wal-Mart Hates To Read

2010-03-28 ~ Galt, CA. Planning Commmission OKs Wal-Mart, Appeal Likely

2010-03-27 ~ Milpitas, CA. Planning Commission OK of Wal-Mart Expansion Likely To Be Appealed

2010-03-24 ~ Galt, CA. Wal-Mart Tries Again To Squeeze Under Size Limit

2010-03-21 ~ Milpitas, CA. Wal-Mart Tries to “Donate” Its Way into Town

2010-03-20 ~ Petaluma, CA. Residents Go To Court To Stop Target “Fiasco”

2010-03-20 ~ Washington Township, NJ. All Blacks Should Leave The Store

2010-03-17 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Struggles With Immigration Raid Rumors

2010-03-01 ~ Ventura, CA. Wal-Mart Returns With A 98,000 S.F. Superstore

2010-02-28 ~ Poway, CA. Candidates For Public Office Told Not To Discuss Wal-Mart Deal

2010-02-21 ~ Ontario, CA. Wal-Mart Superstore Still Tied Up By Opponents

2010-02-13 ~ Lodi, CA. Wal-Mart Superstore Still Stuck in Lodi After Nearly Seven Years

2010-02-10 ~ Petaluma, CA. Ugly Target Gets Approval in “Ugly Process”

2010-02-08 ~ San Jose, CA. Wal-Mart Wants Dead Home Depot Expo Site in Silicon Valley Site

2010-02-06 ~ Carlsbad, CA. Developer Promises Big Box Store Is Not A Wal-Mart

2010-01-12 ~ The Dalles, OR. City Council Votes To OK Wal-Mart A Second Time

2010-01-06 ~ Antioch, CA. Three Years After Defeat, Wal-Mart Tries Again

2010-01-02 ~ Poway, CA. Citizen’s Group Ready To Battle Wal-Mart Expansion

2009-12-30 ~ Barstow, CA. Wal-Mart Settles Distribution Center Lawsuits

2009-12-29 ~ Chattanooga, TN. Wal-Mart's War Zone

2009-12-02 ~ Boston, MA. Wal-Mart Settles Lawsuit, Gives Workers $40 Million Christmas Gift

2009-11-22 ~ Atascadero, CA. Wal-Mart Delays Process By Submitting A Smaller Superstore

2009-11-21 ~ Chico, CA. City Council Slam Dunks Wal-Mart Plan

2009-11-19 ~ Milpitas, CA. Is It A Wal-Mart Supercenter Or Not?

2009-11-16 ~ Chico, CA. Wal-Mart Haggles With City Over Store Expansion

2009-11-11 ~ Palm Springs, FL Mobile Home Park To Be Bulldozed For Wal-Mart

2009-11-06 ~ Mendocino County, CA. Voters Kill Big Box Rezoning

2009-11-03 ~ Las Vegas, NV. Court Agrees to $85 Million Wage & Hour Settlement That Wal-Mart Vigorously Denies

2009-10-18 ~ Redlands, CA. Citizen Petition to Cap Big Box Size Heading To Ballot

2009-10-15 ~ The Dalles, OR. Appeal Board Sends Wal-Mart Project Back To City

2009-09-30 ~ Chico, CA. City Councilor Wants Wal-Mart To Buy Residents Better Wood Stoves

2009-09-24 ~ Merced, CA. Wal-Mart Distribution Center Plan Likely Heading To Court

2009-09-19 ~ Mankato, MN $5.3 Million in Public Welfare For Wal-Mart Distribution Center

2009-09-11 ~ Poway, CA. Wal-Mart Slightly Shrinks Superstore Plan

2009-09-07 ~ Kerman, CA. City With 'Old World Charm' Considers Wal-Mart

2009-09-02 ~ Chico, CA. Wal-Mart Appeals Planning Commission Rejection To City Council

2009-08-16 ~ Stanislaus County, CA. Wal-Mart Buys The Cops A Dog

2009-08-10 ~ Clovis, CA. Developer Contributes To City Official The Day After Wal-Mart Vote

2009-08-03 ~ Rialto, CA. Court Says Wal-Mart Superstore Not “Green” Enough

2009-08-01 ~ Chico, CA. Planning Commission Says Wal-Mart Will Damage Area

2009-07-14 ~ Phoenix, AZ. Wal-Mart Bashes Basha Into Bankruptcy

2009-06-30 ~ Norfolk, VA. Kmart Sued For Discriminating Against Worker With Cane

2009-06-29 ~ Clovis, CA. After Six Years, Wal-Mart’s Plan Goes Back to City Council

2009-06-10 ~ Carolina Forest, SC. Wal-Mart’s Phony Claim Of 22,000 Jobs

2009-05-27 ~ Salinas, CA. Wal-Mart Pressures City Council To Reverse Big Box Ban

2009-05-26 ~ Delano, CA. Judge Rules City Must Allow Public To Review Wal-Mart Report

2009-05-16 ~ Yucca Valley, CA. Court Overturns Wal-Mart Approval On Environmental Grounds

2009-05-14 ~ Lodi, CA. City Council Approves Wal-Mart by One Vote---Again.

2009-05-13 ~ Fresno, CA. Wal-Mart’s ‘Wetback’ Problem

2009-05-12 ~ Delano, CA. After Years of Delay, Court Ruling In Wal-Mart Case Imminent

2009-05-10 ~ Rohnert Park, CA. Newspaper Poll Shows Public Opposes Big Box Expansions

2009-05-01 ~ Queensbury,NY. Developer Says "Greener" Wal-Mart Opens A Can of Worms

2009-04-29 ~ Paradise, CA. Wal-Mart Agrees To Spend Half A Million On Impact Studies

2009-04-28 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Wal-Mart Abandons Superstore Plan, Will Reuse Empty Kmart

2009-04-24 ~ Clovis, CA. Wal-Mart Still Trying After Six Years Of Controversy

2009-04-22 ~ Ventura, CA. City Size Cap Nixes Wal-Mart Superstore Plan

2009-04-18 ~ Hercules, CA. City Buys Site From Wal-Mart To Prevent Supestore

2009-04-12 ~ Redmond, OR. City Hopes Dead Wal-Mart Will Turn Into A Fun Center

2009-04-11 ~ Lodi, CA. Planning Commission Denies Wal-Mart For Second Time

2009-04-06 ~ Hemet, CA. After Four Years, “Unkempt” Wal-Mart To Become Medical Facility Site

2009-04-02 ~ Barstow, CA. Train Proposal Runs Through Wal-Mart Distribution Center

2009-03-19 ~ Suisun City, CA. Wal-Mart Gets Water-Boarded

2009-03-18 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Two Wal-Marts Still Not Done After Five Year Snooze

2009-03-17 ~ Salinas, CA. Wal-Mart Begins Petition Drive To Repeal Superstore Ban

2009-03-14 ~ New York, NY. Small Wine Sellers Organize To Block Wal-Mart Wine Sales

2009-03-05 ~ Hesperia, CA. Lawsuit Likely Following City Council Vote for Wal-Mart.

2009-03-04 ~ Salinas, CA. City Council Votes To Ban Superstores

2009-03-01 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Wal-Mart Pleased With Petition Effort to Break Into L.A.

2009-02-27 ~ Salinas, CA. City Council To Vote On Big Box Size Limit

2009-02-25 ~ The Dalles, OR. Citizens Likely To Appeal Wal-Mart Site Plan Approval

2009-02-24 ~ Santa Rosa, CA. Wal-Mart Decides Not To Appeal Court’s Decision

2009-02-23 ~ Merced, CA. Draft Environmental Report On Wal-Mart Distribution Center Finally Released

2009-02-20 ~ North Vernon, IN. Wal-Mart Sale Pushes Mobile Homeowners Out

2009-02-18 ~ Patterson, CA. Wal-Mart Uses Customer Action Network To Promote Supercenter

2009-02-14 ~ Hesperia, CA. Appeal Filed in Wal-Mart/Home Depot Project

2009-02-11 ~ The Dalles, OR. Wal-Mart Slithers Forward in The Dalles

2009-02-09 ~ Elk Grove, CA. Neighbors Don’t Want Wal-Mart Superstore For A Neighbor

2009-02-08 ~ Delano, CA. Judge Adds More Delays in Delano For Wal-Mart

2009-02-07 ~ Paradise, CA. After Five Years, Wal-Mart Still Wants To Pave Over Paradise

2009-02-01 ~ Quartz Hill, CA. Citizens Keep Up their Two Year Battle With Wal-Mart

2009-01-31 ~ Vallejo, CA. Defeated Wal-Mart Looks To Sell Its Property

2009-01-27 ~ Redlands, CA. Wal-Mart Seeks Supercenter To Replace Discount Store

2009-01-24 ~ Suisun City, CA. Court Gives City A New Urbanism Wal-Mart Superstore

2009-01-22 ~ Monterey, CA. Wal-Mart Settles Defective Machine and Truck Gear Oil Civil Suit

2009-01-11 ~ Barstow, CA. Lawsuit Freezes Wal-Mart Distribution Center Until May

2009-01-01 ~ Ripon, CA. City Ordinance Has Left Wal-Mart on Hold

2008-12-26 ~ Lompoc, CA. City Wants Wal-Mart To Expand Existing Store, Not Build New Supercenter

2008-12-24 ~ Willows, CA. Wal-Mart Cancels New Superstore, To Expand Old Store Instead

2008-12-23 ~ Tracy, CA. Citizens Keep Up Five Year Battle To Prevent Wal-Mart Expansion

2008-12-23 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Santa Settles 63 Wage & Hour Lawsuits.

2008-12-11 ~ Lodi, CA. Mayor Gives Wal-Mart A One-Vote Margin

2008-12-10 ~ Lodi, CA. Wal-Mart Tries To Get Unstuck In Lodi Again

2008-12-09 ~ Minneapolis, MN & Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Gets Off Light With $54 Million Settlement in Time Theft Case

2008-12-07 ~ The Dalles, OR. Wal-Mart Superstore Runs Into Opposition

2008-12-06 ~ North Myrtle Beach, SC. More Mayem & Death At Wal-Mart

2008-12-05 ~ Hercules, CA. Herculean Effort Overpowers Wal-Mart

2008-12-03 ~ Stockton,CA. Wal-Mart Slashes Superstore to 99,000 S.F.

2008-11-18 ~ Pass Christian, MS. Wal-Mart Rebuilds After Katrina—But Not Downtown

2008-11-15 ~ Red Bluff, CA. City Gets Second Chance To Stop Over-Sized Wal-Mart

2008-11-12 ~ Red Bluff, CA. Wal-Mart Plays Another Hand, After Five Years of Waiting

2008-11-06 ~ Atascadero, CA. Wal-Mart Buys Another Victory At The Polls

2008-10-26 ~ Longview, WA. Wal-Mart Throws Off The Covers

2008-10-24 ~ Victorville, CA. One Small Victory in Victorville

2008-10-19 ~ Queensbury,NY. Mystery Store Turns Out To Be Second Wal-Mart Superstore

2008-10-16 ~ Lodi, CA. Planning Commission Says No, Wal-Mart Files Appeal

2008-10-15 ~ Avon, CO. Town Sues District Over Sales Losses Due to Wal-Mart Superstore

2008-10-10 ~ Santa Rosa, CA. Judge's Final Ruling Goes Against Wal-Mart Superstore

2008-10-08 ~ Lodi, CA. Wal-Mart Willing To Pay Fee To Help Restore Downtown

2008-10-05 ~ Atascadero, CA. One Candidate Supports Limit on Superstore Size On November Ballot

2008-09-28 ~ Redding, CA. City Oks Wal-Mart Expansion After 5 Year Citizen Delay

2008-09-27 ~ Del Norte County, CA. Citizen Group Sues County Over Wal-Mart Expansion

2008-09-24 ~ Boston, MA. State’s Highest Court Reinstates Wal-Mart “Time Theft” Class Action Suit

2008-09-18 ~ Jackson, CA. Home Depot Gives Up On Site Fight

2008-09-18 ~ Merced, CA. Wal-Mart Distribution Center Called ‘Death Sentence’ For Kids and Elders

2008-09-17 ~ Yucca Valley, CA. Activists Seek Reversal of Wal-Mart Approval By Ballot

2008-09-17 ~ Clovis, CA. City Council Forced To Rescind Its Approval of Wal-Mart

2008-09-16 ~ Oceanside, CA. Wal-Mart Brings “Small Wars” to California

2008-09-11 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Planning Commission Recommends No Rezoning For Wal-Mart

2008-09-11 ~ El Cajon, CA. Court Rules Against Home Depot Annexation

2008-09-06 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Planners OK Controversial Wal-Mart, But Commission Votes Next

2008-09-01 ~ Barstow, CA. City Sued Over Wal-Mart Distribution Center

2008-09-01 ~ Santa Rosa, CA. Judge Hands Wal-Mart Superstore A Setback

2008-08-25 ~ Rosemead, CA. Mayor Raises Money to Protect Himself From Wal-Mart

2008-08-19 ~ Clovis, CA. Court Hands Wal-Mart Another Setback

2008-08-09 ~ Del Norte County, CA. Wal-Mart Expansion Will Shut Down Other Grocery Stores

2008-08-07 ~ Eureka, CA. Where’s Wally? Wal-Mart Says Job Ads Are An Error

2008-08-05 ~ Yucca Valley, CA. Town Sued Over Wal-Mart’s Greenhouse Gases

2008-07-29 ~ Miami, FL. The Waterfront Wal-Mart?

2008-07-29 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Sugar House Wal-Mart Turning Sour

2008-07-28 ~ Ventura, CA. Wal-Mart Opponents Ready For November, 2009 Ballot

2008-07-27 ~ Lodi, CA. After Six Years, Wal-Mart Still Stuck In Lodi.

2008-07-23 ~ Barstow, CA. Council Approves Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Slams Opponents

2008-07-20 ~ Soledad, CA. Consultants Suggest Wal-Mart Cut Its Store In Half

2008-07-14 ~ Suisun City, CA. Anti-Wal-Mart Effort Turns Into Civil Rights Recall Lawsuit

2008-07-06 ~ Poway, CA. Wal-Mart Promises Double-Wide Aisles

2008-06-29 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Wal-Mart Green Is The Color of Money

2008-06-23 ~ Anderson, CA. Craft Store Closes After 27 Years, Blames Wal-Mart

2008-06-15 ~ Atascadero, CA. Residents Reach Signature Goal To Put Size Cap On Ballot

2008-06-05 ~ Fontana, CA. Wal-Mart Walks Out On Its Promenade Project, #68 Cancelled Or Delayed

2008-06-03 ~ Peoria, IL. Gun Sale To Mentally Ill Woman Opens Old Wounds

2008-06-02 ~ Highland, CA. Wal-Mart Withdraws 67th Superstore

2008-06-02 ~ Vallejo, CA. Waterfront Wal-Mart Becomes 68th Project To Sink

2008-05-29 ~ Carlsbad, CA. Wal-Mart Abandons Plans For Its ‘Upscale’ Store

2008-05-25 ~ Clovis, CA. Opponents Argue Case Against Wal-Mart Supercenter In Court

2008-05-21 ~ Hemet, CA. Wal-Mart’s Abandoned Store Called “Unkempt”

2008-05-14 ~ Yucca Valley, CA. Wal-Mart Would Turn Town into ‘Yukky Valley’

2008-04-19 ~ Vista, CA. Wal-Mart Says Citizen’s Lawsuit Threatens ‘Freedom to Shop.’

2008-04-06 ~ Poway, CA. A Wal-Mart Supercenter in Poway? No way!

2008-03-31 ~ Suisun City, CA. Citizens Group Appeals Wal-Mart Approval in Court

2008-03-31 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Two Wal-Marts Awake After Five Year Sleep

2008-03-27 ~ Hemet, CA Wal-Mart Ends Sam’s Club Plan, Leaves City With Dead Store

2008-03-26 ~ Landover Hills, MD. Wal-Mart’s “Jobs & Opportunity Zone” Is In the Twilight Zone

2008-03-23 ~ Bentonville,AR. Crime At Wal-Mart, Always

2008-03-21 ~ Fontana, CA. Mayor Calls Wal-Mart A “Menacing Beast.”

2008-03-18 ~ Chico, CA. Wal-Mart Chills Its Plans In Chico

2008-03-15 ~ Lehigh, PA. “Green” Wal-Mart Goes After Green Farmland

2008-03-13 ~ Vista, CA. Wal-Mart OK Slowed by “Phantom” Citizen

2008-03-12 ~ Atascadero, CA. City Agrees to Review ‘Smaller’ Wal-Mart

2008-03-07 ~ Red Bluff, CA. Court Ruling Calls Wal-Mart Bluff

2008-02-27 ~ Oakley, CA. Wal-Mart Blames Economics For Project Cancellation

2008-02-21 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Wal-Mart Battle Turns Bitter in Sugar House

2008-02-19 ~ Vista, CA. Wal-Mart Says Appeal Threatens "Freedom To Shop."

2008-02-16 ~ Suisun City, CA. City Says OK to Wal-Mart If They Agree to Put Up Demolition Money

2008-02-15 ~ Delano, CA. Two Local Workers Delay Wal-Mart With Lawsuit

2008-02-09 ~ El Cajon, CA. City Wants Law To Help Them Annex Land for Home Depot

2008-02-04 ~ Atascadero, CA. "Smaller" Wal-Mart Still Does Fit in City's Plans

2008-02-03 ~ Vista, CA. Wal-Mart Superstore Expansion Raises Legal Response

2008-02-02 ~ San Luis Obispo, CA. Court Rules Pro- Big Box Initiative Was Illegal

2008-01-31 ~ Ventura, CA. Residents Move Forward With Ballot Initiative

2008-01-17 ~ Ventura, CA. City Votes For Size Limit, But Residents Want More

2008-01-13 ~ Boston, MA. State’s Highest Court To Hear Wal-Mart “Time Theft” Class Action Suit

2007-12-29 ~ Topeka, KS. Federal Government and Wal-Mart Team Up To Kill Small Businesses

2007-12-18 ~ Atascadero, CA. Citizens To Put Big Box Size Cap On Ballot

2007-12-10 ~ Oakley, CA. City Official Says Wal-Mart Opponents Are A ‘Divisive Special Interest.’

2007-12-09 ~ Paradise, CA. Wal-Mart Submits Plan To Pave Over Paradise

2007-12-06 ~ Berkeley, CA. Two New Reports Find Wal-Mart’s A Wage Scrooge

2007-12-01 ~ Stockton,CA. Citizens Beat Wal-Mart Supercenter in Court

2007-11-28 ~ Ceres, CA. Wal-Mart Steals Land From Goddess of Agriculture

2007-11-27 ~ Ontario, CA. Three Year Battle Puts Wal-Mart Supercenter Six Miles From Another

2007-11-11 ~ Suisun City, CA. Wal-Mart Plan Near Airport Crashes & Burn

2007-11-09 ~ Montpelier, VT. Ten States Where Wal-Mart Did Not Build

2007-11-06 ~ Garden Grove, CA. Wal-Mart Weed Pulled From the Garden

2007-11-05 ~ Boston, MA. Wal-Mart Organizing Customer Action Network To Lobby

2007-11-01 ~ San Francisco, CA. International Day Of Protest Against Big Box Stores Set for November 17th.

2007-10-30 ~ Atascadero, CA. Wal-Mart Suffers Early Halloween Trick

2007-10-27 ~ Ventura, CA. Residents Organize To Put Superstore Ban On Ballot

2007-10-23 ~ Hilo, HI. Cap On Superstores Size To Be Refiled

2007-10-21 ~ San Francisco, CA. Lawsuit By Blind Reveals No Vision At Target

2007-10-10 ~ Washington, D.C. Wal-Mart, The Property Tax Deadbeat

2007-10-01 ~ Galt, CA. Wal-Mart Surprised When Planning Commission Supports Size Cap

2007-10-01 ~ Atascadero, CA. Effort to Recall Anti-Wal-Mart Council Members Fizzles

2007-09-28 ~ Ventura, CA. City Manager Calls Wal-Mart A “Black Hole” To Local Businesses

2007-09-23 ~ Long Beach, CA. Environmental Staff Report Slams Home Depot Project

2007-09-23 ~ Clovis, CA. Residents Say Wal-Mart Will Destroy Way Of Life

2007-09-23 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Half-Built Pair of Wal-Mart Supercenters Finally Restarted

2007-09-18 ~ Galt, CA. City Mulls Cap on Size As Wal-Mart Approaches

2007-09-13 ~ Concord, CA. Developer Self-Destructs Wal-Mart Project--For Now

2007-09-11 ~ Ontario, CA. Wal-Mart Puts Lipstick On A Pig

2007-09-10 ~ Freetown, MA. Small Town Passes Big Box Cap

2007-09-05 ~ Wailuku, HI. Law to Limit Superstores in Paradise Under Review

2007-09-04 ~ Florence, KY. Developer Says Wal-Mart Superstores Are Not Regional Facilities

2007-09-03 ~ Wildomar,CA. Welcome to the New City of WaldoMart?

2007-08-30 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Official Says Many Residents Hate Wal-Mart

2007-08-29 ~ Phoenix, AZ. British Grocer Forces Wal-Mart To Think Small

2007-08-20 ~ Stockton, Ca. City Council Adopts Cap on Big Box Stores

2007-08-18 ~ Marina del Rey, CA. Home Depot Pays $10 Million In Hazardous Sludge Case

2007-08-18 ~ Lodi, CA. Wal-Mart Still Stuck In Lodi, Again.

2007-08-18 ~ Dublin, Ca. City Councilor Wants To Limit Big Box Size

2007-08-15 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart Ponies Up $4 Million In Unpaid Overtime

2007-08-13 ~ Perris, CA. Wal-Mart Sued Over Greenhouse Gas Law

2007-07-31 ~ Ventura, CA. Voters' Poll Shows 62% Oppose Wal-Mart Coming To Town

2007-07-30 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Home Depot, PR Firm Embarrassed By Leaked Memos

2007-07-28 ~ Carlsbad, CA. Upscale Wal-Mart Should Be Voted Down, Say Residents

2007-07-26 ~ La Puente, CA. Wal-Mart Gone---For Now

2007-07-21 ~ Oakley, CA. Young City Warned About Wal-Mart

2007-07-20 ~ Garden Grove, CA. Residents Oppose Two-Story Wal-Mart

2007-07-11 ~ San Diego, CA. Big Box Ordinance Lost On One Councilor’s Vote

2007-07-06 ~ Tucson, AZ. City Officials Reject Wal-Mart’s Ballot Question

2007-06-18 ~ Hercules, CA. Court Overturns City's Eminent Domain Against Wal-Mart

2007-06-15 ~ Suisun City, CA. Wal-Mart Vs. The Air Force Base

2007-06-14 ~ Springfield, MO. Wal-Mart Gets Another Class Action Case

2007-06-09 ~ Hanford, CA. State Supreme Court Upholds Limits On Size and Location of Superstores

2007-06-08 ~ Novato, CA. Home Depot Ends The Chase

2007-06-08 ~ Pleasanton, CA. Residents Cause City Council To Delay Home Depot Vote

2007-06-07 ~ Washington, D.C. Wal-Mart’s Corporate Welfare, Part II

2007-06-05 ~ San Diego, CA. City Council Takes Final Vote To Cap Size of Superstores

2007-06-01 ~ Trenton, NJ. Court Gives Wal-Mart Its 9th. Class Action “Off the Clock” Case

2007-05-24 ~ Pajaro, CA. After Losing Once, Is Wal-Mart Back Again?

2007-05-22 ~ American Canyon, CA. Judge Gives Wal-Mart Green Light After Long Fight

2007-05-20 ~ Petaluma, CA. Target Developer Accused Of Forging Support Letters

2007-04-24 ~ Concord, CA. Council Expected To Formally Dump Wal-Mart Plan

2007-04-18 ~ Atlanta, GA. Home Depot Shrinks Its Store Size

2007-04-16 ~ Richmond, CA. Wal-Mart Opens Three-Level Store

2007-04-14 ~ Fairfield, CA. Wal-Mart Threatens To Turn Fair Field To Foul Field

2007-04-09 ~ Chico, CA. Area Residents Trash Wal-Mart’s “Survey”

2007-04-06 ~ Petaluma, CA. Target Project Stirs Opposition

2007-03-25 ~ American Canyon, CA. Judge Keeps Wal-Mart Construction On Ice

2007-03-25 ~ Folsom, CA. Wal-Mart Abandons Its Superstore Plan

2007-03-12 ~ Ventura, CA. Wal-Mart Shows Interest In Smaller Store Rules

2007-03-10 ~ New York, NY. Citizen Groups Blocked 47 Wal-Mart Superstores Last Year

2007-03-08 ~ Livermore, CA. Wal-Mart Drops Out, City Considers Size Limit

2007-03-08 ~ Concord, CA. Petition Fails To Save Wal-Mart

2007-02-25 ~ Atascadero, CA. Wal-Mart Withdraws Plans—For Now.

2007-02-19 ~ Rosemead, CA. Wal-Mart Approval Attracts Three Lawsuits

2007-02-19 ~ Indianapolis, IN. Wal-Mart, Small Business Killer, Offers Help To Small Business

2007-02-16 ~ Lodi,CA. City To Charge Wal-Mart A Fee For Hurting Downtown

2007-02-16 ~ Huntington Beach, CA. Wal-Mart Asks Disabled Woman To Leave Because of Service Dog

2007-02-14 ~ Antioch, CA. Wal-Mart Feeds Voters, But Loses Vote

2007-02-12 ~ Washington, D.C. Home Depot & Wal-Mart ILCs: Don’t Bank on It

2007-02-06 ~ San Francisco, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Appeal in Gender Discrimination Class Action

2007-01-29 ~ Fort Smith, AR. Wal-Mart Apologizes to 87,000 Workers For Overtime

2007-01-20 ~ Ontario, CA. Residents Organize to Nail Out Home Depot

2007-01-20 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Home Depot, Don’t Phone Home

2006-12-27 ~ Fontana, CA. Mayor Calls Second Wal-Mart Site “Insane”

2006-12-22 ~ Lancaster, CA. Neighbors Upset By Plans For Wal-Mart Supercenters

2006-12-19 ~ San Diego, CA. Home Depot Board Rejects Shareholder Plan To Address “Chronic Inferior Stock Price.”

2006-12-16 ~ Santa Ana, CA. Judge Likely To Toss Out Sweatshop Lawsuit, But Allow Refiling

2006-12-09 ~ New York, NY. City Workers Retirement System Wants Wal-Mart Report

2006-12-09 ~ Fairfield, CA. City Council Overturns Planning Vote And Oks Wal-Mart

2006-12-02 ~ Hercules, CA. City Flexes Eminent Domain Powers Against Wal-Mart--Again

2006-11-30 ~ San Diego, CA. Another City “Caps” The Size of Stores

2006-11-21 ~ American Canyon, CA. Court Rules Against Nearly-Completed Wal-Mart

2006-11-13 ~ Atascadero, CA. Voters Elect Two Anti-Wal-Mart Candidates

2006-11-12 ~ Westlake Village, CA. Lowe’s Loses For Second Time

2006-11-08 ~ El Centro,CA. Wal-Mart Tries To “Smuggle In” Superstore

2006-11-07 ~ Victorville, CA. Wal-Mart Plans Trio of Stores In One City

2006-11-07 ~ Long Beach, CA. Wal-Mart Goes To Voters To Repeal Grocery Size Limit

2006-11-06 ~ Antioch, CA. Wal-Mart Spends Big Bucks In City Council Race

2006-11-02 ~ Fairfield, CA. Planning Commission Rejects Wal-Mart On Tie Vote

2006-10-29 ~ American Canyon, CA. Residents Argue Case In Court Against Wal-Mart

2006-10-20 ~ Mountain View, CA. Home Depot Returns to City That Rejected Them.

2006-10-13 ~ Philadelphia, PA. Wal-Mart Loses Again In Off the Clock Lawsuit

2006-09-26 ~ Vallejo, CA. City To Vote On Waterfront Wal-Mart

2006-09-24 ~ Long Beach, CA. Residents Don’t Want Home Depot Near Their Wetlands

2006-09-22 ~ Rosemead, CA. Wal-Mart Spends $300,000 To Save A Mayor

2006-09-16 ~ Chicago, IL. Living Wage Law Vetoed, But Not Gone

2006-09-12 ~ Rosemead, CA. Wal-Mart Spends $200,000 To Protect Local Officials From Recall

2006-08-26 ~ Long Beach, CA. Residents Likely To Appeal Home Depot Approval

2006-08-26 ~ Kapolei, HI. Cap on Size of Stores Considered in Oahu

2006-08-23 ~ Oakland, CA. Court Orders Wal-Mart To Give Workers Rest Breaks

2006-08-15 ~ Atascadero,CA. Pro Wal-Mart Group Won’t Name Its Benefactors

2006-08-11 ~ Davis, CA. City Council Puts Target Proposal On Ballot

2006-08-06 ~ Auburn, CA. Lack of Funds Ends Citizen’s Battle With Home Depot

2006-07-20 ~ Folsom, CA. Residents Organize To Block 2nd.Wal-Mart

2006-07-06 ~ Oakland, CA. Workers Want Wal-Mart Supervised in Meals & Rest Break Violations

2006-07-06 ~ Atascadero, CA. Keeping Wal-Mart Out Of The Middle Kingdom

2006-07-05 ~ Turlock, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Third Court Case On Size Limit Ordinance

2006-07-02 ~ Davis, CA. Target Store Heading to Novemer 7th Ballot

2006-06-07 ~ El Cajon, CA. Home Depot Annexation Fails

2006-05-30 ~ Crescent City, FL. Wal-Mart Apologizes Over Eminent Domain Threat

2006-05-18 ~ Wilmington, DE. Calpers Goes After Home Depot Executive Pay

2006-05-14 ~ San Luis Obispo, CA. Rejected Developer Puts Target, Lowe’s Mall On The Ballot

2006-05-14 ~ East Dundee, IL. Wal-Mart Dumps One Town For Its Neighbor

2006-05-06 ~ Sunland-Tujunga, CA. Residents Force Home Depot Into Old Kmart

2006-05-05 ~ Hercules, CA. City May Use Eminent Domain On Wal-Mart

2006-04-30 ~ El Cajon, CA. Home Depot Annexation Battle Nears Conclusion

2006-04-29 ~ Fairfield, CA. Wal-Mart’s Game of Musical Chairs

2006-04-26 ~ Auburn, CA Residents Challenge Lack of Water Flow For Home Depot

2006-04-21 ~ Marina, CA Residents Fight to Prevent Wal-Mart From Landing

2006-04-20 ~ Pajaro, CA. Another Wal-Mart Laid to Rest

2006-04-16 ~ Santa Rosa, CA. Yardbirds Hardware Stores Another Home Depot Casualty

2006-04-07 ~ Nantucket, MA. Island Town Meeting Bans Chain Stores

2006-04-06 ~ Turlock, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Second Court Appeal in Size Cap Case

2006-04-05 ~ Hercules, CA. Wal-Mart Returns With Smaller Plan B

2006-03-19 ~ Denver, CO. Disabled Win $13 M Class Action Suit Against Kmart

2006-03-19 ~ Atlanta, GA. Home Depot Cuts Its Safety Managers Nationwide

2006-02-19 ~ New York, NY. Public Retiree Funds Own Big Share In Wal-Mart Stock

2006-02-05 ~ Hercules, CA. Wal-Mart "Disappointed" by Rejection.

2006-01-29 ~ Ventura, CA. Moratorium “Breaks The Wal-Mart Mold.”

2006-01-22 ~ Escondido, CA. Wal-Mart Leaves As Deal Unravels

2006-01-19 ~ Rosemead, CA. Citizens Organize Recall Effort In Four Languages

2006-01-19 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart, Home Depot Fail to Pay Environmental Taxes

2006-01-17 ~ Northridge, CA. Wal-Mart Folds Its Tent And Leaves

2006-01-15 ~ Pleasanton, CA. Thought of New Home Depot is Unpleasant

2006-01-05 ~ Lodi, CA. Wal-Mart Approval Overturned By Court

2006-01-04 ~ Philadelphia, PA. Another “Lunch Break” Class Action Against Wal-Mart

2006-01-02 ~ Rosemead, CA. Voters Seek To Recall Pro Wal-Mart Politicians

2005-12-31 ~ Capitola, CA. City Appeals Home Depot Approval On Traffic Concerns

2005-12-23 ~ Alameda County, CA. Jury Slams Wal-Mart with $172 Million “Work Break” Fine

2005-12-23 ~ Elk Grove, CA. Wal-Mart Dropped From Deal

2005-12-22 ~ Arlington, VA. Grocer’s Association Campaigns Against Wal-Mart Saturation.

2005-12-20 ~ Porterville, CA. Developer Pulls Wal-Mart Out of Project

2005-12-14 ~ Boston, MA Wal-Mart Pays $50,000 Penalty To Settle Air Pollution Case

2005-12-03 ~ Los Angeles, CA. More Environmental Troubles For Wal-Mart

2005-11-11 ~ Elk Grove, CA. Wal-Mart Faces Another Angry Crowd

2005-11-03 ~ Kansas City, MO. Wal-Mart Workers In Missouri Gain Class Action Status

2005-10-21 ~ Westlake Village, CA. Residents Hammer Away At Lowe’s

2005-09-28 ~ Elk Grove, and Ripon, CA. Residents Upset by Prospect of Wal-Mart

2005-09-21 ~ Washington, D.C. Another Warning About the Bank of Wal-Mart

2005-09-18 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Workers File International Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

2005-09-12 ~ Wildomar, CA. Does Wal-Mart Make You A City?

2005-08-30 ~ Sonora, CA. Citizens Take Lowe’s To Court

2005-08-23 ~ Merced, CA. Wal-Mart Plans Distribution Center, Thanks Schwarzenegger.

2005-08-15 ~ Salt Lake City, UT. Opponents Work to Stop Wal-Mart Bank

2005-07-26 ~ Milwaukie, OR. Mayor Urges Mayor To Stop Wal-Mart Supercenter

2005-07-20 ~ El Cajon, CA. Citizens Appeal Home Depot Decision

2005-07-15 ~ San Bruno, CA. School Offer To Sell Land To Wal-Mart Just A “Ploy”

2005-07-03 ~ Harrisburg, PA. Health Care Law Directed At Big Box Stores

2005-06-28 ~ Alachua, FL. Legal Battle Ties Up Wal-Mart Distribution Center

2005-06-15 ~ Riverside, CA. Court Grants Managers At Home Depot Class Action Status

2005-06-13 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Employee Misconduct Leads To Dismissals

2005-06-12 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Half Built Wal-Mart To Sit Empty Another Year

2005-06-12 ~ Antioch, CA. Wal-Mart ordered To Pay $188,000 In Maternity Leave Case

2005-06-05 ~ Everywhere, USA. Plenty of Crime Available At Wal-Mart

2005-05-25 ~ Atlanta, GA. Home Depot Shuts Down 20 Expo Stores

2005-05-21 ~ Rosemead, CA. Citizens Unseat Pro-Wal-Mart Officials.

2005-05-20 ~ Fayetteville, AR. Activists Protest At Wal-Mart Annual Meeting

2005-05-20 ~ New York, NY. Wal-Mart Opponents Hurting Company's Stock Value

2005-05-14 ~ Washington, D.C. Congress Wants Wal-Mart Wage Data

2005-05-04 ~ American Canyon, CA. Judge Halts Wal-Mart Construction

2005-05-01 ~ Delhi, CA. City Officials Laying Groundwork for Wal-Mart Sprawl

2005-04-30 ~ San Luis Obispo, CA. Voters Reject Target, Lowe’s Project

2005-04-26 ~ American Canyon, CA. Citizens Ask Courts To Stop Wal-Mart Construction

2005-04-10 ~ Turlock, CA. City Wants Wal-Mart To Pay For Frivolous Legal Bills

2005-04-08 ~ Washington, D.C. Congressman Want ABC to Drop Wal-Mart Sponsorship

2005-04-05 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Media Event News Fizzles; Union Launches New Offensive

2005-03-24 ~ Upland, CA. Wal-Mart Gets Slam-Dunked By Opponents

2005-03-17 ~ Carlsbad, CA. City Sticks By Plan to Keep Out Big Boxes

2005-03-13 ~ Pajaro, CA. Residents Organize To Fight Wal-Mart Supercenter.

2005-03-06 ~ Des Moines, IA. Wal-Mart Tops List Of Workers On Public Health Plans

2005-03-05 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Has 356 "Dark Stores" Available for Sale or Lease

2005-03-01 ~ Cleveland, OH. Wal-Mart Slams Door On the Way Out.

2005-02-27 ~ Roseville, CA. Lowe's Runs Into Buzz Saw Of Opposition

2005-02-19 ~ Olympia, WA. Wal-Mart Lobbies Against State Health Care Law

2005-02-19 ~ Turlock, CA. Wal-Mart Appeals Court Decision Limiting Superstores

2005-02-16 ~ Sacramento, CA. Council Passes Economic Impact Study Ordinance

2005-02-08 ~ Marysville, CA. Neighboring Town Passes Anti-Wal-Mart Resolution

2005-01-22 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Another Worker Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

2005-01-20 ~ New York, NY. Wal-Mart Fails Again to Make 100 Best Companies To Work For

2005-01-08 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart Pays $14.5 Million to Settle Gun Sales Violations

2005-01-08 ~ Durham, N.C. Home Depot In Negligence Lawsuit Over Boy's Brain Injury

2004-12-29 ~ American Canyon, CA. Wal-Mart Project Stalled By Legal Challenge

2004-12-27 ~ Charleston, WV. Wal-Mart Kids Top State's Welfare List

2004-12-22 ~ Batavia, NY. Judge Rules Town Skipped Environmental Review In Wal-Mart Case

2004-12-16 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Court Tells City: Re-Do Wal-Mart Environmental Study

2004-12-01 ~ Trenton, NJ. Lawmakers Propose Tighter Controls Over Big Box Developments

2004-11-27 ~ Tallahassee, FL. Class Action Status for 'Off the Clock' Lawsuit Denied in Florida

2004-11-13 ~ Hemet, CA. Wal-Mart Supercenter Opens With A Crime

2004-11-07 ~ Madison, WI. Wisconsin Taxpayers Spend Millions to Subsidize Wal-Mart workers.

2004-11-04 ~ Lodi, CA. Effort to Give Voters A Say In Big Boxes Falls Short.

2004-11-03 ~ Sacramento, CA. California's Lawmakers Want Public Pension To Drop Wal-Mart Stock

2004-10-30 ~ Antioch, CA. Citizen Wal-Mart Spends $50,000 To Support City Candidates

2004-10-29 ~ Lincoln, CA. Developer Suddenly Withdraws Wal-Mart Plans.

2004-10-26 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Gives $500,000 To Stop Health Care Question in California.

2004-10-23 ~ Fairview, TN. Wal-Mart's Woes Put to Music.

2004-10-21 ~ San Luis Obispo, CA. Residents Organize to Stop Huge Big Box Corporate Welfare Scheme

2004-10-20 ~ Pleasanton, CA. Safeway Takes Big Sales Drop In Food Fight With Wal-Mart.

2004-10-17 ~ Winslow, AZ. Residents Don't Want Wal-Mart Standing On Their Corner.

2004-10-14 ~ Yelm, WA. Residents Told They Can't Speak Against Wal-Mart

2004-09-26 ~ Bentonville, AR. Full Text of Wal-Mart Ads in California Newspapers

2004-09-23 ~ San Jose, CA. Wal-Mart Buys Newspaper Ads to Repair Damaged Image

2004-09-20 ~ Hemet, CA. Wal-Mart's "Gift" To Neighbors: Raw Sewage.

2004-09-19 ~ Sacramento, CA. Schwarzenegger Vetoes Economic Impact Bill

2004-09-18 ~ Twin Falls, ID. Jury Awards Family $570,000 In Death of 3 Year Old At Home Depot

2004-09-11 ~ Rosemead, CA. Residents Considering Legal Challenge to Wal-Mart Supercenter

2004-09-11 ~ American Canyon, CA. Both Sides Unhappy With Preliminary Wal-Mart Approval

2004-09-11 ~ American Canyon, CA. Both Sides Unhappy With Preliminary Wal-Mart Approval

2004-08-28 ~ LaHabra, CA. Residents do battle with Costco, Running Out of Funds.

2004-08-28 ~ Lodi, CA. Proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter Raises Crime Worries

2004-08-21 ~ Rosemead, CA. Residents Battling Off Wal-Mart to "Save Our Community."

2004-08-19 ~ Sacramento, CA. State Lawmakers Pass Economic Impact Law on Big Box Stores.

2004-08-14 ~ San Francisco, CA. Federal Judge Allows Wal-Mart To Appeal Sex Discrimination Class Action Case.

2004-08-11 ~ Sacramento, CA. Schwarzenegger Sees Wal-Mart Jobs Vs. Hand-Made Ice Cream

2004-08-10 ~ Los Angeles, CA. City Council Takes First Vote On Big Box Impact Ordinance

2004-08-07 ~ Los Angeles, CA. City Council Pushes For New Economic Impact Ordinance

2004-08-07 ~ Lodi, CA. Economic Impact Study Not Very Flattering to Wal-Mart.

2004-08-04 ~ Baytown, TX. Wal-Mart Grabs $70 Million tax break for Import Center.

2004-08-03 ~ Berkeley, CA. Taxpayers Foot Bill For Hidden Cost of Wal-Mart Jobs

2004-07-24 ~ Lincoln, CA. Residents Organize to Fight Wal-Mart "Village" Superstore.

2004-07-24 ~ Baytown, TX. Texas Lavishes Corporate Welfare To Move Wal-Mart From California

2004-07-17 ~ Chandler,AZ. Residents Win 6 Year Battle to Dump Wal-Mart.

2004-07-11 ~ American Canyon, CA. Wal-Mart Facing "Mini movement" To Block Superstore

2004-07-05 ~ Woodland, CA. Wal-Mart Appeals Supercenter Rejection

2004-06-29 ~ Redding, CA. Judge Orders Environmental & Economic Impact For Wal-Mart Store

2004-06-27 ~ Stockton, CA. Residents Will Sue City If Wal-Mart Impact Report Not Done

2004-06-26 ~ Berkeley, CA. Details on How to Join the Wal-Mart Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

2004-06-06 ~ Bentonville, AR. Wal-Mart Urges Workers to "Tell our story better."

2004-05-13 ~ Wilmington, DE. EPA Hits Wal-Mart With Big Fine for Clean Water Act Violations--Again.

2004-05-04 ~ San Francisco, CA. Supervisors Adopt Law Putting Cap on Size of Big Box Stores

2004-04-28 ~ Centerville, UT. Residents Don't Want Wal-Mart's "Classy" Superstore

2004-04-09 ~ Fieldnotes: Nine Recent Communities Battling the Boxes

2004-04-09 ~ Long Beach, CA. It's A Long Road for Home Depot in Long Beach

2004-04-07 ~ Inglewood, CA. Voters Hand Wal-Mart Second Overwhelming Defeat in One Month

2004-03-28 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Higher Court Allows 2 Wal-Marts to Continue Construction.

2004-03-27 ~ Hemet, CA. Citizens File Lawsuit to Stop Wal-Mart Superstore

2004-03-20 ~ Albany, GA. County Lawmakers Reject Wal-Mart "Gift" Of $1,000.

2004-03-13 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Court Orders Wal-Mart, Lowe's to Stop Construction.

2004-03-13 ~ Nashville, TN. Wal-Mart offering business health insurance in ten states

2004-03-13 ~ Hemet. CA. Residents Fight Wal-Mart Proposed Next to Residential Properties

2004-03-13 ~ Upland, CA. Green Party on Campus Protests Wal-Mart At Demonstration

2004-03-11 ~ Peachtree City, GA. Target developer Sues Over Town's Size Cap Ordinance

2004-03-03 ~ San Marcos, CA. Wal-Mart Big Loser As Voters Reject Store By Wide Margin

2004-03-03 ~ Contra Costa, CA. Wal-Mart Spends A Million to Win Narrow Vote

2004-03-02 ~ Sacramento, CA. Anti-big box ordinances spread like California wildfire.

2004-02-29 ~ San Marcos & Contra Costa, CA. Wal-Mart Ballot Questions Decided March 2nd.

2004-02-21 ~ Bentonville, AR. Annual Review: Wal-Mart Realty Has 371 "dark stores"

2004-02-16 ~ Turlock, CA. Wal-Mart Sues Another City Over Superstore Zoning Ordinance

2004-02-04 ~ Alameda County, CA. Wal-Mart Sues County Over Zoning Ordinance

2004-02-02 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Judge Halts Two Wal-Marts Until Economic Impact Studied.

2004-01-30 ~ Tampa, FL. Wal-Mart opens its first "smaller" Superstore

2004-01-24 ~ West Covina, CA. City Blocks Plans for a Wal-Mart

2003-12-24 ~ Inglewood, CA. Wal-Mart Iniative Petition Challenged in Court.

2003-11-26 ~ Napa, CA. Home Depot Nabbed in Napa For Messy Code Violations

2003-11-22 ~ Turlock, CA. Planners Vote for Size Limit that would block Wal-Mart

2003-11-21 ~ St. Petersburg, FL. Wal-Mart Would Displace 122 Mobile Home Families.

2003-11-09 ~ San Marcos, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Court Challenge to Stop Referendum Vote.

2003-10-23 ~ Oakland, CA. City Council Votes to Adopt Zoning That Caps Size of Food Sales.

2003-10-23 ~ Roanoke, VA. Unions Strike Grocery Chains--But Wal-Mart Is the Real Issue.

2003-10-22 ~ San Marcos, CA. Wal-Mart Sues City Over Referendum Signatures.

2003-09-28 ~ Cotati, CA. Residents Take Up Battle Against Lowe's.

2003-09-28 ~ Oakland, CA. New City Zoning Could Ban Wal-Mart Supercenters.

2003-09-01 ~ Inglewood, CA. Citizen Wal-Mart Puts Itself on the Ballot--Again.

2003-08-26 ~ San Marcos, CA. Residents Organize for Referendum Against Wal-Mart Rezoning.

2003-08-14 ~ San Marcos, CA. Wal-Mart Squeaks By with One Vote, But Challenge Mounting.

2003-08-03 ~ Clovis, CA. City Proposes 15,000 s.f. cap for Conditional Use Permit

2003-08-01 ~ Contra Costa, CA. Citizen Wal-Mart Puts Itself on the Ballot.

2003-06-24 ~ Contra Costa, CA. Wal-Mart Hires Professional Signature Gatherers To Get On Ballot

2003-06-11 ~ San Marcos, CA. Residents Win Round One Against Wal-Mart Rezoning

2003-06-06 ~ Burlingame, CA. Residents Win Initial Victory in 5 Year Struggle with Safeway

2003-06-04 ~ Vista, CA. Wal-Mart Described As Major Contributor to Rising Crime Rate

2003-05-30 ~ San Marcos, CA. Residents Gather To Push Wal-Mart Out of Residential Area.

2003-04-30 ~ San Francisco, CA. Wal-Mart Facing Major Sex Discriminaton Class Action Suit.

2003-04-17 ~ Palm Springs, CA. Wal-Mart Plans Supercenter, leaves "dark stores" behind

2003-03-23 ~ Barstow, CA. Is Wal-Mart Philanthropy Going To The Dogs?

2003-01-16 ~ Temecula, CA. Wal-Mart Developer Gets Stuck In His Own Traffic Jam.

2002-12-19 ~ Bakersfield, CA. One Super Wal-Mart bad enough? How about 2 supercenters?

2002-11-07 ~ Quincy, MA. Stop & Shop Imitates Wal-Mart Supercenters.

2002-11-06 ~ Seoul, South Korea. Wal-Mart Fails to Impress the Korean Consumer.

2002-10-28 ~ Newport News, VA. Home Depot Nailed with Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

2002-10-27 ~ Inglewood, CA. City Adopts Ordinance that Keeps Out Wal-Mart Supercenters

2002-10-04 ~ Bakersfield, CA. Wal-Mart Get's No Red Carpet Here.

2002-09-28 ~ Los Angeles, CA. Feds Hammer Home Depot with Another Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

2002-09-25 ~ Martinez, CA. Zoning Code Caps Size of Food Sales inside Wal-Mart Superstore

2002-09-25 ~ Palmdale, CA. Alberton's Raises Ire of Area Residents.

2002-06-26 ~ Cardiff, Wales. Wal-Mart Company ASDA Involved in Shopper Deaths

2002-05-15 ~ Bentonville, AR. California--or Bust(ers). 40 More Stores?

2002-04-21 ~ Boulder, CO. Boulderizing Wal-Mart, or Walmartizing Boulder?

2002-04-19 ~ Ocean Beach, CA. Farewell to Formula Franchises.

2002-04-18 ~ Sacramento, CA. Retailers Fight Sales Tax Sharing Bill.

2002-04-04 ~ San Juan Capistrano, CA. Home Depot Still Trying After 4 Years.

2002-04-03 ~ Ocean Beach, CA. Voters Pass Advisory Ban on Formula Businesses

2002-04-03 ~ Reedley, CA. Wal-Mart Officially Loses Vote

2002-03-11 ~ Troy, MI. Kmart Closings Offset Wal-Mart Openings

2002-03-10 ~ East Palo Alto, CA. IKEA Still Up In the Air

2002-03-08 ~ Mountain View, CA. Voters Give Boot to Home Depot Gorilla

2002-03-07 ~ Calexico, CA. Wal-Mart Out Spends Residents on Ballot

2002-03-06 ~ Agoura Hills, CA. Citizens Reject Home Depot at Ballot Box

2002-03-02 ~ Calexico & Mountain View, CA. Two Big Box Ballot Questions March 5

2002-02-11 ~ Bentonville, AR. Annual Count of Wal-Mart Empty Buildings

2002-01-05 ~ Mountain, View, CA. Home Depot Pushes Its Way Onto Ballot

2001-12-28 ~ Mill Valley, CA. The Osgood File On Sprawl-Busters

2001-12-26 ~ Agoura Hill, CA. Home Depot On the Ballot in March

2001-12-07 ~ San Francisco, CA. Wal-Mart Discrimination Case Stays in CA.

2001-12-02 ~ Fresno, CA. Wal-Mart charged with racial slurs

2001-11-03 ~ Reedley, CA. Wal-Mart Fails to Get 3 Votes

2001-10-03 ~ Sacramento, CA. Falling Merchandise Bill Passes

2001-09-11 ~ Reedley, CA. Wal-Mart Divides City.

2001-08-08 ~ Auburn, CA. Wal-Mart Pulls Placer County Plug

2001-08-05 ~ Mountain View, CA. Home Depot Withdraws--For Now

2001-07-20 ~ Ukiah, CA. Wal-Mart Sued on Free Speech Issues

2001-07-14 ~ Valley View, OH. Home Improvement Stores DIYing

2001-06-21 ~ San Francisco, CA. Sex Discrimination at Wal Mart?

2001-05-17 ~ Boston, MA. Falling Merchandise Bills Get Hearing

2001-05-07 ~ Glendale, AZ. Wal-Mart Puts Itself on the Ballot

2001-04-08 ~ Exit 8A, NJ Turnpike. Look Who's Behind the Depot!

2001-03-15 ~ Atlanta, GA. ABC's 20/20 on Falling Merchandise

2001-03-14 ~ Glendora, CA. Pro Wal-Mart Mayor Gets Dumped

2001-02-15 ~ Chicago, IL. Lowering Lowe's Credit Rating

2001-02-12 ~ Mountain View, Ca. Home Depot's Human Shield.

2000-12-08 ~ Irvine, CA. Home Base Nailed Shut

2000-10-28 ~ Agoura, CA. Saving Face from Home Depot

2000-06-29 ~ Ventura, CA. Home Depot the "Mud Hen"

2000-06-27 ~ Oxnard, CA. Crime in Wal-Mart Parking Lots

2000-06-26 ~ Tucson, AZ. Wal-Mart Loses 2nd. Court Case

2000-06-25 ~ Butte County, CA. Pharmacist Sues Wal-Mart

2000-06-13 ~ Evanston,WY. Wal-Mart Says No Economic Study

2000-06-11 ~ Orangevale, CA. Home Depot's Greenbacks.

2000-04-22 ~ Wells, ME. Wal-Mart Rejected, Wants Referendum

2000-03-12 ~ Glendora, Super Money Influences Election

2000-02-29 ~ Glendora & Huntington Beach, CA. Campaign Bucks

2000-01-15 ~ Glendora, CA. Vote No and Measure D

2000-01-06 ~ Menomonee Falls, WI. Zoning "Cap" Considered

2000-01-04 ~ Athens, GA. Sour Grapes At Wal-Mart.

1999-10-27 ~ Santa Cruz, CA. Big Box Ordinance Considered

1999-10-19 ~ Santa Cruz, CA. Home Depot Invited to Leave

1999-10-18 ~ San Francisco, CA. Home Depot Splurges on Lobbyist

1999-10-12 ~ Las Vegas, NV. Stand Up for the Big Guy.

1999-10-08 ~ Sacremento. CA. Big Box Bidding War Law Signed

1999-10-07 ~ Visalia, CA. Wal-Mart's Bicycle Mistakes

1999-09-28 ~ Tucson, AZ. New Ordinance Limits Superstores

1999-09-26 ~ Las Vegas, NV. Gambling Against Supercenters

1999-09-24 ~ Sacramento, CA. Governor Rescues Costco

1999-09-13 ~ Sacremento, CA. State Bill Limits Superstores

1999-08-24 ~ Eureka, CA. Wal-Mart Loses Air from Balloon

1999-04-25 ~ Inglewood, CA. Home Depot Displaces 1,000 people.

1999-03-08 ~ Sacramento, CA. Wal-Mart's Disability Problem.

1999-03-06 ~ Eureka, CA. Wal-Mart's Corporate Democracy.

1999-02-01 ~ Crest View, CA. Another Wal-Mart Referendum

1999-01-14 ~ Saipan Islands. Sweat-Mart.

1998-12-03 ~ Bentonville, AR. 2,000 people at anti-WM rally

1998-09-12 ~ Eureka, CA. Wal-Mart By the Bay.

1998-08-13 ~ North Auburn, CA. Wal-Mart loses, hands down.

1998-07-31 ~ San Francisco, CA. Sunset for Rite Aid

1998-07-30 ~ North Auburn, CA

1998-07-20 ~ Hemet, CA

1998-07-10 ~ Hemet, CA

1998-03-27 ~ Chula Vista, CA

1998-03-07 ~ Martinez, CA. Bill to End Big Box Extortion

"Norman has become the guru of the anti-Wal-Mart movement" ~ 60 Minutes

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